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More volunteers and bins needed in fox war

Volunteers are collecting so much rubbish we are overfilling the bins, proving that Lewisham council needs to put in more bins. We only started a week ago.

On Saturday night (22 August), the single bin we use was already full from Friday and the cafe’s rubbish from Saturday.


Bin already full Saturday evening

Volunteers collected 15 more full bin bags before deciding to stop. There were still several parties using the park and some bins we hadn’t emptied.


Rubbish piled on a full bin

rubbish bags on trolley

Trolley loaded with rubbish

By the end of the evening we could not get any more rubbish in, or on, the bin.


Overflowing (cafe’s white bags )

This morning (Sunday) you can see that foxes got to some of the rubbish, either from bags that had fallen off the top or pulled down.

bin and rubbish

Overflowing bin and fallen rubbish


Fox-strewn rubbish from fallen bin bags

Get in touch via the contact page if you’d like to help.

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