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LB of Lewisham do not permit BBQs in their parks.

WE don’t make the rules, but BBQs are not actually allowed in Hilly Fields or any park in Lewisham.

If we did make the rules, we’d say, DON’T burn the grass and take all your rubbish from hence it came..ie home. Where it can be most economically and successfully recycled in your wheelie bins.

SERIOUSLY, if you want your plastics, glass and tins recycling the best way to ensure this is to put them in a kerbside green wheelie bin.

This is what we’d like to avoid on a summer evening…with the best will in the world, Glendale can’t be emptying bins half way through the night and by the time the morning comes, the foxes will have checked it out.


Rubbish piled on a full bin in the play area

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