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Spring bulbs in Bowls club

Spring bulbs in Bowls club, courtesy of MPGA bulb distribution and Taylors Bulbs

Here are some general images from Hilly Fields

The standing stones

view through two stone pillars to standing stone circle

The view from the other side

Standing stone circle

The Millennium Dome (now O2) from the top of Hilly Fields
the dome

It’s not just green fields

purple tree among the greenery

The Francis Drake Bowls Club

bowling green and sign

Story telling in playground

Soon to be opened playground

Looking south

One Comment

  1. Nawfal Mazrui says:


    Being a Lewisham resident for my whole life and by having hilly-fields park as my local park for the large proportion of my life, I believe hilly-fields is a great, safe park. However, hilly-fields is missing something big, something very important, which I have noticed in the past many years. Although, having a basketball court, a tennis court and a football pitch, hilly-fields is missing football goal posts. Adding goal posts to hilly-fields, will bring in the young to play football together, creating a vibe in the community. Due to this vibe, there will be a serious amount of decrease in crime, in hilly-fields.

    Yours faitfully


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