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Hilly Fields Quiz – Questions and Answers

As usual, the Friends of Hilly Fields had a quiz at this year’s Midsummer Fayre which lots of people had a go at. Although we thought it was relatively easy, only four people got all ten questions right! Those people have been notified and should go to the Hilly Fields cafe to collect their prize.

Grappling with the HF quiz…

The questions are repeated below with the answers at the end. If you haven’t seen the quiz before, you’re welcome to have a go now. The rules are: no looking at the answers until you’ve finished and no looking up the answers online. Oh and there are no prizes except the joy of knowledge!

A landing pad for UFOs?


1. What new outdoor class for children has been launched on Hilly Fields this year?

(a) Duke of Edinburgh Award; (b) Field Study; (c) Forest School; (d) Outward Bound.

2. What does Jas’May sell on Hilly Fields, especially during the summer months?

(a) Cream tea; (b) Ice cream; (c) Iced latte; (d) Sun cream.

3. What can be found in autumn on the oak trees of Hilly Fields?

(a) Acorns; (b) Beechnuts; (c) Honey roasted cashews; (d) Pine cones.

4. Which Victorian writer and designer donated money to help save Hilly Fields as a park?

(a) William Morris; (b) Edith Nesbit; (c) Dante Gabriel Rossetti; (d) Oscar Wilde.

5. What familiar park feature stood on Hilly Fields from 1896 to World War 2?

(a) an aviary; (b) a bandstand; (c) a fairy dell; (d) a grotto.

6. The Hilly Fields stone circle was specifically designed to create – what?

(a) a landing pad for UFOs; (b) a pagan temple; (c) a rounders pitch; (d) a sun dial.

7. Nick Nicely (born Nickolas Laurien) wrote ‘Hilly Fields (1892)’. What is it?

(a) an avant-garde ballet; (b) a cult novel; (c) a local memoir; (d) a psychedelic song.

8. Which bird often seen and heard on Hilly Fields sings ‘in the dead of night’ according to the Beatles?

(a) Blackbird; (b) Chaffinch; (c) Mistle Thrush; (d) Robin.

9. Which of the following creatures seen on Hilly Fields are thought to have evolved from dinosaurs?

(a) bats; (b) birds; (c) foxes; (d) squirrels.

10. So many fields and meadows left in Lewisham! Which one can be seen from the summit of Hilly Fields?

(a) Baxters Field; (b) Blythe Hill Fields; (c) Bridgehouse Meadows: (d) Broadway Fields; (e) Chinbrook Meadows.


  1. (c) Forest School; 2. (b) Ice cream; 3. (a) acorns; 4. (a) William Morris; 5. (b) a bandstand; 6. (d) a sun dial; 7. (d) a psychedelic song; 8. (a) Blackbird; 9. (b) birds; 10. (b) Blythe Hill Fields.

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