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Friends of Hilly Fields Quiz 2018

We always have a Hilly Fields quiz sheet on the Friends stall at the BrocSoc Midsummer Fayre and this year was no exception. Fifty people took the test and just for once – nobody got all ten questions right! Who’d have thought it was that difficult? Well, if you didn’t do the quiz on the day, now’s your chance to find out. The questions are below and the answers are at the end. Give it a go just for your own entertainment and enlightenment.  Four people got nine out of ten questions right and won vouchers to use at the HF cafe.


1. What kind of market is held on Hilly Fields every month?

(a) Arts and crafts; (b) Bric-a-brac; (c) Cattle; (d) Farmers.

2. Bats flit around Hilly Fields from dusk onwards. Which is the most common bat to be seen?

(a) Common pipistrelle; (b) Great pipistrelle; (c) Little pipistrelle; (d) Pied pipistrelle.

3. Which new walking route passes through Hilly Fields, Ladywell Fields and One Tree Hill?

(a) The Green Park Path; (b) The Nordic Hike; (c) The Parakeet Way; (d) The Three Peaks Trail.

4. Where in Hilly Fields can you find a pirate ship, a train and a yellow spider?

(a) In the cafe; (b) in the children’s playground; (c) at the Forest School; (d) in the wood.

5. Which annual local festival is partly based at Hilly Fields?

(a) BrockFest; (b) Brockley Mash-up; (c) Brockley Max; (d) Brockstock.

6. Which sports club using Hilly Fields records the achievements of the ‘Unknown Athlete’?

(a) Francis Drake Bowls Club; (b) Futsal football club; (c) Hilly Fields Park Run; (d) Millfields Cricket Club.

7. Where is the location of St Norbert’s Gate on Hilly Fields?

(a) Children’s playground; (b) Eastern Road; (c) Prendergast School; (d) Stone Circle.

8. Somerset Redstreaks can be found on Hilly Fields in summer. What are they?

(a) Butterflies; (b) Cider apples; (c) Moths; (d) Orchids.

9. The Green Woodpecker can sometimes be heard calling on Hilly Fields. What is its call known as?

(a) the blether; (b) the hufflepuff; (c) the phooey; (d) the yaffle.

10. What was the original name of the Prendergast school building on Hilly Fields?

(a) Brockley Tech; (b) Hilly Fields Academy; (c) Lewisham Ladies College; (d) West Kent Grammar School.


  1. (d) Farmers.
  2. (a) Common Pipistrelle
  3. (d) The Three Peaks Trail.
  4. (b) In the children’s playground
  5.  (c) Brockley Max.
  6.  (c) Hilly Fields Park Run. (http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hillyfields/results/eventhistory/)
  7. (d) Stone Circle.
  8. (b) Cider apples.
  9. (d) The yaffle. (Anyone remember Professor Yaffle in Bagpuss?)
  10. (d) West Kent Grammar School.

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