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Every second Saturday, 10th October, 8th November and 12th December.

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Vegetables and eggs from Whitegates Farm in Rainham, Kent

Meat from Marsh Products, Kent and preserves from Caregrow


The farmers’ market is now supporting the Friends of Hilly Fields



  1. Joanne says:

    Is the farmers market limited to vegetables and fruit etc?

    Thank you.

  2. Chair says:

    HELLO Joanne, at present we just have the food stalls on the farmers’ market. I suppose technically food from within 50 miles can be sold at farmers’ market.
    But there isn’t any thing set in stone. Did you have something in mind.

    The farmer from Whitegates Farm has recently got the preserves stall along and he had hoped for a baker to turn up last time, but we think the wet weather put him off.
    We would probably run any further stalls by him, but generally we’d be happy for a slightly larger market.

  3. May says:

    Im interested in setting up a stall at Hilly Fields. I was wondering what are the prices to rent a stall and if the farmers market are open to food stalls (hot food)?

  4. helen says:

    I also wondered if you might expand to small homewares and design pieces. Plates etc

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