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Vicars Hill Entrance – Progress

Nearly finished. The bad weather put back repairing the stone wall, but it is in hand for the new year. We’ve started planting the neglected triangle of land, so hopefully we’ll have the beginnings of our bank of snowdrops..with some winter aconites for spring. The dead elm which is left as a good source of insects for birds and maybe bats, will be used to support a native clematis, old man’s beard and a hop. Thanks to the MPGA for funding our new planting.


No more Farmers’ Market

The support of the farmers’ market, particularly Whitegates Farm in Kent, has meant that we’ve had some regular funding for our smaller projects. We’ve been able to purchase wild flower seeds for the WWI memorial for the last five years, we’ve sown seed and planted yellow rattle plugs in the Southern Meadow. We’ve bought bird seed and supplies for making bird feeders and I’m sure there are a few other extras in the park, which we couldn’t have done without them.

They told us last month that they couldn’t manage to keep us on their rounds. So thanks to everyone who came and bought their produce over the years. We’ll have to look for a new source of local vegetables and fruit with no plastic packaging and great prices.

HAVE your say…


Open Meeting

We have four open meetings every year. Our Autumn one will be on Tuesday 18th September at 7.30pm, in the café.
Everyone is welcome. If you want to bring a new subject to the meeting, then it is useful to email us in advance so we can put it on the agenda.

You may also like to take part in the council’s questionnaire for future park and open space strategy.


Friends of Hilly Fields Quiz 2018

We always have a Hilly Fields quiz sheet on the Friends stall at the BrocSoc Midsummer Fayre and this year was no exception. Fifty people took the test and just for once – nobody got all ten questions right! Who’d have thought it was that difficult? Well, if you didn’t do the quiz on the day, now’s your chance to find out. The questions are below and the answers are at the end. Give it a go just for your own entertainment and enlightenment.  Four people got nine out of ten questions right and won vouchers to use at the HF cafe.


1. What kind of market is held on Hilly Fields every month?

(a) Arts and crafts; (b) Bric-a-brac; (c) Cattle; (d) Farmers.

2. Bats flit around Hilly Fields from dusk onwards. Which is the most common bat to be seen?

(a) Common pipistrelle; (b) Great pipistrelle; (c) Little pipistrelle; (d) Pied pipistrelle.

3. Which new walking route passes through Hilly Fields, Ladywell Fields and One Tree Hill?

(a) The Green Park Path; (b) The Nordic Hike; (c) The Parakeet Way; (d) The Three Peaks Trail.

4. Where in Hilly Fields can you find a pirate ship, a train and a yellow spider?

(a) In the cafe; (b) in the children’s playground; (c) at the Forest School; (d) in the wood.

5. Which annual local festival is partly based at Hilly Fields?

(a) BrockFest; (b) Brockley Mash-up; (c) Brockley Max; (d) Brockstock.

6. Which sports club using Hilly Fields records the achievements of the ‘Unknown Athlete’?

(a) Francis Drake Bowls Club; (b) Futsal football club; (c) Hilly Fields Park Run; (d) Millfields Cricket Club.

7. Where is the location of St Norbert’s Gate on Hilly Fields?

(a) Children’s playground; (b) Eastern Road; (c) Prendergast School; (d) Stone Circle.

8. Somerset Redstreaks can be found on Hilly Fields in summer. What are they?

(a) Butterflies; (b) Cider apples; (c) Moths; (d) Orchids.

9. The Green Woodpecker can sometimes be heard calling on Hilly Fields. What is its call known as?

(a) the blether; (b) the hufflepuff; (c) the phooey; (d) the yaffle.

10. What was the original name of the Prendergast school building on Hilly Fields?

(a) Brockley Tech; (b) Hilly Fields Academy; (c) Lewisham Ladies College; (d) West Kent Grammar School.


  1. (d) Farmers.
  2. (a) Common Pipistrelle
  3. (d) The Three Peaks Trail.
  4. (b) In the children’s playground
  5.  (c) Brockley Max.
  6.  (c) Hilly Fields Park Run. (http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hillyfields/results/eventhistory/)
  7. (d) Stone Circle.
  8. (b) Cider apples.
  9. (d) The yaffle. (Anyone remember Professor Yaffle in Bagpuss?)
  10. (d) West Kent Grammar School.

Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund we’ll be taking a ‘Walk on The Wild Side’

This spring we were busy planning a new project to involve more children and their families in the natural beauty of the park. So we are absolutely thrilled to receive the letter from the Big Lottery Fund, informing us that our grant application was successful.

From September we’ll be planning our initial events with Chelwood Nursery and Chelwood House for Families.
We will commission a story teller to create a promenade immersive story, set throughout the park and we will be putting together scavenger hunts and running a printing workshop with objects found. Lots more for autumn the winter solstice and beyond.

WWI Meadow 2018

With thanks to funds raised from our farmers’ market (every second Saturday of the month 10-3pm) we purchased fresh seed for the WWI meadow. Although rather lacking in poppies, the cornflowers have put on a good show. Poppies and cornflowers have become the symbols of the 1914-1918 war.
But just like the British Poppy, the Cornflower ‘Le Bleuet’ only became a Remembrance flower after the war. Suzanne Lenhardt, nurse at the military hospital of the “Invalides” and widow of a Captain of the Colonial Infantry killed in 1915, and Charlotte Malleterre, daughter of General Léon Niox and spouse of General Gabriel Malleterre, both touched by the sufferings of the maimed they took care of, understood the necessity to help them play an active role in Society…They decided to organise workshops where maimed soldiers manufactured cornflowers with petals made out of fabric and stamens out of newsprint. Those flowers were sold on many occasions, and the income of this activity gave the men some autonomy. Cornflower became the symbol of reintegration through work.

Woodland Trust Tree Saplings.

We were lucky enough to receive tree saplings from the woodland trust this year and had a fantastic turn out for our planting session at Easter. We welcomed the turn in weather and down pours, but now with the longest hot spell since 1976, we are having to do lots of watering. The planting will help reduce the urban heat island effect, improve air quality and is a 100 year investment for future generations. So if you want to help look out on the notice board by the cafe for our next volunteering event or on our facebook page Hilly Fields SE4 Our sessions are usually set to last for 2 hours, but to those who say they have no time, come and help for 30 minutes, it is good exercise, sociable and oh so worthy.


I have heard some depressing rumours that children have been told that the recently broken group swing, was not for older children. THIS is very incorrect. It was especially for secondary school children to enjoy. We support the right to play for all children. The fault is with the play company (not one we would have chosen) for supplying a piece of equipment with cheap timber. No doubt, that’s how they undercut other companies!

Midsummer Fayre – Why not Volunteer?

Here is a great opportunity to be part of the community, meet new people and do your bit. There are lots of jobs to do, before the day, during and litter picking at the end.

A dozen or so different Teams take charge of specific aspects of the organisation, each with a Team Captain.

Before the event:

General organisation (during the months before the event)
Programme Distribution (during the fortnight before the event)
On the day itself:

Set up Gazebo and Tent
Set up Hazard Tapes/Bunting/Signs/ Flags
Stewards (stalls / traffic flow)
Litter management
Children’s competitions
Arena events
Raffle ticket sales
Brockley Society tent
Tea and Cake stall
Barbecue stall
Event strike down (tents/gazebos)
You can view a full breakdown of all the roles here.

Please consider getting involved! Most roles only require a couple of hours of your time; the more the merrier, and the smoother the event will run.

To register your interest in helping out, or to find out more, please contact: