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Birds of Hilly Fields

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is going ahead between 29-31 of January (see info here). To take part, you have to register on their website, we have set up a bespoke sheet for the park. This year people are being encouraged to do it from home because of Covid-19. We have contacted them however and they will still accept results from parks. So if you want to combine an exercise walk with a bit of birdwatching whilst following the lockdown rules, then Hilly Fields awaits you!

Normally, the Friends run a bird watching event in the park to run alongside the BGB, but we cannot do that this year. However, as luck would have it you could use our handy  ‘Birds of Hilly Fields’. This is a new 32 page booklet produced by the Friends of Hilly Fields. Based on regular surveys since 2007, it includes a list and ‘pen portraits’ of all 51 species recorded during that time, as well as selected photographs, habitat description and advice on learning more about birds and helping them to flourish. As we cannot be there in person to sell it, it can be purchased online for £3.50 or with a bundle including booklet, bag and postcards for £10.

booklet and bag sales

bespoke for Hilly Fields.
Hilly Fields Bird Watch Sheet

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