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and the winners are….

Thank you for everyone who took time to stop by our stall at the Brockley Society’s Midsummer Fayre…we have finally found the time to mark the quiz and sort out the winners. (Thanks to Andrew, Marcus and Polly) We had two clear winners with 14 correct answers and have drawn from a hat a third prize from the five people with 13 correct answers.

The winners are: Mr Bailey, B. Gellhora and Z. Gaffen.


1. Hilly Fields was officially opened in 1896.

2. You find pipistrelle bats in Hilly Fields (the smallest and commonest bat in Britain).

3. The summit of Hilly Fields is 175ft above sea level.

4. The bowling club is named after Francis Drake

5. Edgar Wallace lived on Tressillian Crescent and wrote King Kong?

6. Bats are mammals.

7. Hilly Fields is approximately 31 acres.

8. Ring-necked parakeets originate from India & Nepal.

9. Prendergasts is the school in Hilly Fields.

10. Henry Williamson lived right next to Hilly Fields (Eastern Road to be precise) and the park features in his 15-volume semi-autobiographical ‘Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight’ novels.

11. The children’s book by Ann Thwaite is called “The Horse at Hilly Fields”.

12. Octavia Hill was indeed the woman who saved Hilly Fields from development.

13. Twelve stones make up the Stone Circle and on a sunny day, you can tell the time from them.

14. The magpie was the biggest bird spotted in Hilly Fields last year (not including the midsummer fayre’s bird of prey display!).

15. The biggest spider in Hilly Fields is in the playground (and no doubt the oldest too).

16. There are approximately 700 trees in the park.

17. You can’t see the Eiffel Tower from Hilly Fields.

18. Nick Nicely was the rock musician who had a cult psychedelic hit in 1982 called ‘Hilly Fields’.

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