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AGM on 10 June

The inaugural AGM of the newly constituted Hilly Fields Park User Group has been postponed to 10 June to comply with rules governing setting up a properly constituted group.

It will be held at 8pm.

The meeting on 21 May will go ahead as an ordinary user group meeting.


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  2. Chair says:

    Hi Camilla

    Sorry not to respond sooner, we didn’t realise we hadn’t set up to be notified about new posts. I have to set a new date for the next meeting. We were busy submitting the lottery application over the summer and haven’t had much time to sort out the regular meeting. I am hoping to set a date this October, we usually have them on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm in the park keeper’s office.

    The do have problems trying to get footpaths repaired etc. Because they are very expensive and there is no specific funding available. The council fought hard to get a route approved on the cycle network which enabled funding for resurfacing, but that has been our only way to get funding recently.

    So I am unsure where they would find the money for the steps. They seem to just repair the larger holes which are deemed as trip hazards.
    But that said, we can put it on our agenda.

    Thanks for your interest and I’ll keep you posted on the next meeting.



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