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Friends of Hilly Fields

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We are independent group of local residents and park users. We have a constitution and our four meetings each year are open to all park users. We aim to achieve sustainable improvements and facilities for the park that will benefit the whole community whilst balancing and enhancing the park’s history and future. We aim to increase the use, understanding and enjoyment of the park.

The council consult us on matters relating to the park management.

We have raised over £120,000 for projects and events in the park (including the playground, the inclusive basket swing, the table tennis table, new signage and the orchard) and secured 100s of free tree saplings, bulbs and plants over the years. We’ve been delighted and relieved that we are always joined by new and familiar faces for our annual Dawn Chorus Walks. We hold an annual Wassail with music and refreshments in our orchard (usually February) and run an annual Big Bird Watch on the last Sunday of January. We organised a wild play day for local nursery schools, printing and nature workshops and work with local schools or groups, especially to enable a wider use of the whole park!

In 2006 we organised the first of our series of guided ‘walks’ with ‘A Wildlife Walk’, followed by our ‘History Hike’, lead by local historian Gillian Heywood MBE. We organise occasional events and regular volunteering sessions for our tree saplings, bramble taming and orchard maintenance.

We hope you find this site useful. Please comment.

Google Earth view | Map of Hilly Fields | Streetmap |

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Map (from the council’s website):

simple map of Hilly Fields

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A-z-style map with Hilly Fields in the centre

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  1. Doug Bolt says:

    Hello, can anyone tell me anything about the brick pillar with a grill on Hilly Fields adjacent to Eastern Road (looks like a gate post but it’s hollow). I noticed it when I worked for Glendale in 2011 but never got around to finding out about it. I love local history.

    Many thanks.


  2. Chair says:

    Doug, I have made some enquiries and this is the response:

    “As far as I am aware:

    It is an original brick ‘soil vent’ stack for the ‘public health’ or sewer discharge
    running down from the school or possibly the cafe, but linking up with
    the main sewer under Eastern Road.
    This was designed to help prevent build up of pressure within the system
    due to (typically) methane and in the eventuality that the main sewer
    was temporarily unable to cope with a peak flow from the greater height
    of the school or cafe, remembering that demands from the former are
    usually time orientated.

    More interestingly, there is an Evelyn Dunbar picture (will try to post somehow!)
    If you work out roughly where the current stack is (unseen in this view)
    then follow a little up and to the left towards the school you will see a small
    square building. It is not certain what its purpose was. Perhaps part of an
    earlier sewer system? If not, what else could it be?”

  3. mark webb says:

    Please can someone at friends of hilly fields get in touch please.

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