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A busy January

People were enjoying the park and views of distant fireworks on New Year’s Eve, and the park has hosted a few other events since.

a busy playground at midnight

1st January 2011, just after midnight

When we finally came to plant the orchard, the snow seemed a distant memory and we were fortunate to have a mild January morning for the planting. The turn out was fantastic with some 50 people all coming to help and enjoy the delicious refreshments courtesy of Transition Brockley.

planting demonstration

backfilling soil for the egremont russet

We had another bitterly cold morning for our Birdwatch, but keen neighbours turned out for the survey. We had some 6 or 7 different groups filling in survey sheets during their walk around the park.

the not quite final tally

There were five bird boxes made, and their proud owners took them home to add some protective coatings and put them up in their gardens.

early DIY skills in evidence

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