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November, 2017:

Footage from Hilly Fields, 1962

Thanks so much to Tony Gabis for sending the link to this fabulous piece of footage from 1962, when he was 6 years old.
Hilly Fields 1962

Post War Prefabs.

When a hot summer comes and the foundations from the prefabs appear in the park, we hear from local residents who remember them. I’ve been asking for years if anyone has any photos and non appeared. Then this month we’ve had some lovely news from Neil who lived in a prefab in Adelaide avenue (not sure which number but it burned down in a fire in the late 1950’s) & then at number 36 Montague Avenue until they were demolished in about 1964. He moved to Hertfordshire in 1976.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, I’ve just had a link to a cine film sent and it even shows the playground.
I’m just trying to link, so it should follow shortly.

Mud Kitchen

Our mud kitchen in the shade garden didn’t really last very long. We’ve had a lovely new one made for us by Joel Perera. I don’t want it to go west like the last one and as it is quite a different style, we thought that it would work in the main playground. We could chain it to the railing and try to get some more logs. Any ideas on preferred position.

There will be water to hand as well, so that should help. Posisble locations are in very bottom where we has some inset logs. Opposite the wobbly bridge or even behind the seating deck?

mud kitchen

mud kitchen before most of it went walkies

Hilly Fields Bags

Our Hilly Fields Bags, depicting the design for our new park sign, are on sale in the cafe for £5 each. Funds will support our projects around the park, including new signage.