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July, 2015:

Hilly Fields 10K Relay Fun Run

Not organised by the friends, but to be held in our beautiful park on Sunday 13th September at 11am.


To register  your team contact:


and check out their JustGiving page and start fundraising.


OPEN TO ALL FAMILIES, BUSINESSES, FRIENDS to raise money for the MARSHA PHOENIX MEMORIAL TRUST. In the face of the recent funding cuts, they need to raise £14,000 so their lovely cook, Daisy can keep cooking healthy meals for the young women living at the Marsha Phoenix Hostel.


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Hilly Fields Quiz – Questions and Answers

Friends of Hilly Fields Quiz

Lots of people almost won a prize in this year’s Hilly Fields Quiz (at the BrocSoc Midsummer Fayre) but only three people got all 10 questions right. Well done to Clement Harper, Richard Hebditch and Eleanor Saunders who share vouchers for the Pistachios cafe.

Here are the questions. If you didn’t do the quiz on the day and want to test yourself now, go ahead. There are no prizes except possibly the glow of satisfaction if you chalk up a decent score. The answers are below the questions.


1. Which kind of parakeet can be seen and heard in Hilly Fields?
(i) the Wring-necked Parakeet; (ii) the Wrong-necked Parakeet; (iii) the Ring-necked Parakeet; (iv) the Hen-pecked Parakeet.

2. How far above sea level is Hilly Fields?
(i) 175 inches; (ii) 175 feet; (iii) 175 yards; (iv) 53.34000 metres

3. The bowling club on Hilly Fields is named after which famous Elizabethan sailor?
(i) Francis Drake; (ii) Richard Grenville; (iii) John Hawkins; (iv) Walter Raleigh

4. What is the name of the college on Hilly Fields?
(i) Pendergrass; (ii) Prendergass; (iii) Prendergast; (iv) Prenderghast

5. Octavia Hill who helped save Hilly Fields from building development in the 1890s went on to co-found which famous national institution?
(i) Cheltenham Ladies College; (ii) The National Trust; (iii) the Women’s Social and Political Union; (iv) the Women’s Institute.

6. ‘Once there were nightingales that sang in the gardens in Loampit Hill…Once the Hilly Fields were hill fields where the children played and there were primroses.’ The author of this quote lived in Elswick Rd, Lewisham, and wrote ‘The Railway Children’. Who was she?
(i) Edith Cavell: (ii) Dame Edith Evans; (iii) Edith Nisbet; (iv) Edith Piaf.

7. The Friends planted poppies and cornflowers last year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WW1. The cornflower is the remembrance flower of which country?
(i) Belgium; (ii) France; (iii) Luxembourg; (iv) Switzerland.

8. Which animals from Lewisham police station are exercised on Hilly Fields?
(i) Cats; (ii) Dogs; (iii) Hawks; (iv) Horses.

9. Every year, a traditional ceremony is held in the Hilly Fields orchard to ward off evil spirits and ensure a good crop of fruit. What is it called?
(i) Beating the bounds; (ii) Cheese rolling; (iii) Morris dancing; (iv) Wassailing.

10. The Hilly Fields cafe belongs to which chain of park cafes?
(i) Brazils; (ii) Filberts; (iii) Pecans; (iv) Pistachios.



1. (iii) the Ring-necked Parakeet.

2. Both (ii) and (iv) are correct.

3. (i) Sir Francis Drake.

4. (iii) Prendergast.

5. (ii) The National Trust.

6. Answer: (iii) Edith Nesbit (thanks to those who pointed out the typo). Edith Cavell was a brave nurse shot by German firing squad in Oct 1915; Dame Edith Evans was an actress; Edith Piaf was a French chanteuse who regretted nothing.

7. (ii) France.

8. (iv) Horses.

9. Answer: (iv) Wassailing. Beating the Bounds is a walk around parish boundaries; Cheese rolling takes place every year at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire; Morris dancing takes place sometimes while beating the bounds but not usually while cheese rolling http://www.freewebs.com/dacre-morris/

10. (iv) Pistachios.