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June, 2013:

Wild London Need your help

The “stag beetle season” has started again and

London wildlife have launched their 2013 stag beetle survey again.


Hilly Fields is home to the globally endangered stag beetle. They are quite elusive, taking something like 6 years to emerge from the ground. I think are mostly seen in the evening.

They want to hear about your sightings.

A Memorial Tree for Keith

For those who wanted to contribute towards the memorial tree for Keith Seabrook, our former park keeper, there are envelopes in the cafe. You can put in your donation and hand it to a member of staff.  We intend to plant the tree in November.

  The tree will be the first that we plant as part of a bigger tree planting strategy to ensure a lasting tree legacy in the park.

Keith’s sister told us how he loved his job in Hilly Fields and we think it would be a fitting tribute to his memory.

Friends Meeting…at earlier time 7pm

This Tuesday,11th JUNE, we have our regular summer friends’ meeting. It will be held a little earlier, starting at 7pm and hopefully finishing at 8.15.

This is to allow those wanting to support the Save Lewisham Hospital Fund, to take their seat in the Ladywell Tavern for the pub quiz at 8.30.

Otherwise everything as usual, we’ll be meeting in the comfort of the cafe.


Minutes from last meeting:

Minutes 12_March_13