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January, 2011:

Wassailing this Thursday 3rd February


I’m posting Transition Brockley’s mail out, all welcome to join this social event. (No pagan beliefs necessary).

As a first celebration of the orchard, wishing the trees good health (wassailing) is a custom we’d like to embrace. As we are novices, all ideas are welcome and apart from the description at the end of this email (which probably has the main elements of a good wassail), there is a lot of information and YouTube video on the internet if you google “wassailing orchards” to find out more. Some people have very elaborate celebrations but I think we can mould our own particular Brockley version. If anyone wants to write a suitable wassail song for new trees (to a familiar tune), that would be great!

Send us your ideas. We’re all new to this, so it’ll be a fun event to create as a group.

Initial thoughts are for people to bring some warm (apple type of) drink (in thermos) and pieces of toast and something to make a bit of noise (drum, whistle etc), and then we can toast each tree with a splash of warm cider/apple juice, wedge a piece of toast in the wire mesh for the birds, and then have a bit of a bang to scare away any evil spirits or pests which might cause disease. However, we’ll collect your ideas and send an email nearer the date with any specifics.

We’re meeting up at 7.00pm so that it isn’t too late for children to come along.

Big Bird Watch

Our next event is this Saturday 29th, when we will holding our third Hilly Fields Big Bird Watch.
There will also be a chance to make your own bird feeder and (assuming the kits have arrived with Glendale) we will be decorating and putting together bird boxes.

All welcome to come along and join us from 11am. We’ll be packing up at 1pm.

November minutes now posted

Minutes from a snowy Hilly Fields

FofHF_Minutes 30_NOV_10

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 8th March at 7.30.
We are investigating a slightly cosier venue, but it may be back in the the park keepers room. So keep an eye out.

January events

A little reminder that the orchard planting will be happening, come rain or shine, tomorrow from 11am….
We also have the big bird watch at the end of the month, with birdspotting and children’s activities.