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April update

We managed to complete most of our new planting of tree saplings and perennial hedgerow plugs. As we can no longer organise our sociable volunteering sessions we are just sticking to incorporating tending to our park during our daily exercise.

If you are local and fancy helping, you can bring water from home (we can’t really use the park taps either) in plastic milk bottles (other containers can be used!) and choose a lonely plant to water. Probably most in need are the larger new shrubs interspersed along the boundary from the top of Vicars Hill to the Bothy. Don’t be tempted to share the water…one good dousing of 5L plus is best or none at all! THANKS IF YOU CAN MANAGE THIS.



  1. Mike Keogh says:

    Yes, that would be great! Those saplings will need it. It has been very dry lately. Maybe the saplings can be Tagged and numbered Simply to facilitate adoption and keep simple records (maybe just a laminated sheet hanging from a big tree branch for people to fill in with permanent marker). If there is a map even better. I cannot find a twitter handle as there are proposals to bus And cycle route only the Corner by the bowls club (no twitter handle for them either). Look at @lewicyclists twitter feed)

  2. Chair says:

    We do not have a twitter account.
    If it fine if people just mark the trees they water, anything else would just get confusing and be lots of work. It isn’t a problem if a tree gets watered twice. Thanks to all who are taking the time to water.

    No residents have heard about any road closures.

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