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Wild Flower Walk

Monday, 17th July, 2023 meet at the café for 7pm. We’ll be walking through the hay meadow, so trouser would be sensible!

Hilly Fields Annual Quiz..the results are in.

With 53 returned quizes we had four people scoring 10 out of 10 and another 8 scoring 9/10. Please see the answers below.

Annual Report – 2022

Trees of Hilly Fields and AGM 7pm 15th March, 2023

Join us for our illustrated talk this Wednesday -Trees of Hilly Fields, followed by a presentation of the annual report and our AGM. Talk from 7pm.

Elms on the crest of Hilly Fields in the early 1900s


Dates for the diary including AGM!

wassail hilly fields orchard

WASSAIL – in the orchard at 2pm on Sunday, 12th March, 2023. Join us to wish our trees good health, folk music, singing and spiced apple and cider.

(free to attend, donations appreciated)

TREES OF HILLY FIELDS an illustrated talk followed by our AGM in the café on Wednesday, 15th March at 7pm.

(we’ll get the art work out when we have time!)

Orchard Maintenance Session – Sunday, 12th February 2023 from 10.30am until 12.30pm

If you want to help our orchard thrive, please join us this Sunday. We have lots of tasks, weeding, mulching, digging out brambles and pruning. Please bring garden gloves and a garden fork or spade can be handy, but don’t let no tools stop you coming, we have some too. If you want to join us, it would be helpful to confirm details, please email us on Hillyfields4@googlemail.com.

We shall be in the orchard (between the stone circle and the little wood) at 10.30am.

Our annual Wassail is delayed this year, as our wonderful musicians are busy, ‘on tour’ and that sort of thing. We are hoping to organise for late February.

Big Garden Bird Watch Sunday 29th January 2023 from 10.30am until 12.30pm – all welcome.

Tennis Courts at Hilly Fields: what do you think? questionnaire link here:

We’ve prepared a short questionnaire to give the community a chance to make their views known about the proposed handover of two tennis courts at Hilly Fields to the Lawn Tennis Association, for upgrading and managing as paid for and bookable courts. Further courts in Lewisham will also be handed over in this scheme, including Telegraph Hill, Mountsfield Park, Chinbrook Meadows and the two remaining Courts at Ladywell Fields (South). https://forms.gle/hywKtpGncnbj3gRu8

Hilly Fields Tennis courts – current contract requirements state to ‘maintain facilities to the highest possible standard’

Hilly Fields Quiz 2022

Thanks to everyone who visited the Friends of Hilly Fields stall at the Midsummer Fayre on 25 June and attempted our quiz. One person got all ten questions right, three others got nine questions right. They win vouchers to be used at the HF cafe and will be contacted. If you didn’t do the quiz on the day but would like to have a go just for fun, the questions are below and the answers are at the end.

1. Hilly Fields is located within which conservation area?
(a) Brockley; (b) Crofton Park; (c) Ladywell; (d) St Mary’s.

2. Which Brockley born poet played on Hilly Fields as a boy?
(a) David Jones; (b) Ebenezer Jones; (c) James Jones; (d) Tom Jones.

3. Which of these hills is not visible from Hilly Fields?
(a) Blythe Hill; (b) One Tree Hill; (c) Richmond Hill; (d) Shooter’s Hill.

4. The author Henry Williamson lived across the road from Hilly Fields as a boy. What is his best known novel?
(a) The Maltese Falcon; (b) Reynard the Fox; (c) Tarka the Otter; (d) Watership Down.

5. Open air political meetings were once held on Hilly Fields under which tree?
(a) The Anarchist Ash; (b) The Liberal Lime; (c) The Socialist Oak; (d) The Tory Thorn.

6. Which of these birds has not been seen on Hilly Fields (as far as we know).
(a) Red Grouse; (b) Red Kite; (c) Redstart; (d) Redwing.

7. Which Premier League and England star once played football on Hilly Fields?
(a) Ian Ormondroyd; (b) Ian Rush; (c) Ian St John; (d) Ian Wright.

8. What kind of tree was planted on Hilly Fields to mark the Queen’s 2012 jubilee?
(a) Elm; (b) English Oak; (c) Golden Willow: (d) Silver Birch.

9. What unusual buildings appeared on Hilly Fields after World War 2?
(a) Geodesic domes; (b) Hobbit houses; (c) prefabs; (d) shepherd’s huts.

10. Who wrote a 1978 number one hit from her flat in Wickham Road, Brockley?
(a) Kate St John; (b) Mica Paris; (c) Kate Bush; (d) Gabrielle.

1. (a) Brockley, of course! 2. (a) David Jones; 3. (c) Richmond Hill. 4. (d) Tarka the Otter. 5. (c) The Socialist Oak, of course! 6. (a) Red Grouse; 7. (d) Ian Wright. 8. (a) Elm – a ‘disease resistant’ elm, to be precise. 9. (c) prefabs; 10. (c) Kate Bush, of course!