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Trees and Memorials

Trees planted over 100 years ago make the park one of our most treasured local environments.
The friends support the planting of trees in the park, it is a symbol of the continuance of life, a long lasting and a beautiful gift for future generations, which will help reduce the negative impact of climate change. A tree may be donated to commemorate people, organizations and special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.
Tree species and positions need to be agreed with the friends and council. We favour native species because they provide the backbone of habitats in which native insects, birds and mammals thrive. By planting native trees you are helping a web of species to survive. We will be promoting a management strategy in the park to encourage more diverse grassland that will complement the habitats of the trees.
Trees have been planted by individuals who purchase their own tree (as agreed) and undertake to maintain it for the recommended two years for establishment or you can arrange purchase and planting through Glendale.
In keeping with the natural character of our parkland and its hundred year history, trees will NOT have a plaque.
(There are incidences of trees ‘appearing’ in the park overnight. These are often incongruous species and frequently badly placed for long term survival. They may be removed by the managing contractors). 

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  1. Joe Bannon says:

    My brother I law passed away a few weeks ago, he was a park keeper in lewisham for 23 years and was at Hilly Fields regularly during this time and was his valour its park.
    We wishful to plant a native oak in the park and this is being arranged through Glendales.
    However we wish to area angel for a memorial bench who do we arrange this with?
    I would be grateful if you can kindly provide the information so we an do this please.
    Joe Bannon

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