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Half Term Holidays in Hilly Fields

This bank holiday weekend and the Tuesday, Botton’s Family Fun Fair will be setting up behind the cafe.

You’ll need some money for the tokens to cover the rids, but there are also free activities. Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 10.26.35

Poppies and postcards.

In 2014, the temporary portacabins were removed and instead of having the contractors reinstate grass on the hill, we decided to commemorate the start of WWI by sowing a meadow. We purchased over 1Kg of seeds from the National Wildlife Centre and with the invaluable and enthusiastic assistance of students from the neighbouring Prendergasts School, we sowed a mix of cornflowers and poppies.  We were delighted with the spectacular display later that summer. We’ve had the photograph printed as a post card. They are on sale in the cafe for 50p.

Our funds might be spent on more wild flower seeds, new trees, stakes and cages, a notice boards, we’re also investigating whether we can put vinyl printing on the lamp posts, instead of adding to the clutter with more posts!

WWI memorial meadow planted by Friends of Hilly Fields and Prendergast School

WWI memorial meadow planted by Friends of Hilly Fields and Prendergast School

Family Fun for Bank Holiday Monday

Screen shot 2015-04-26 at 17.13.47

2015 Orchard Maintenance

We have started our orchard watering for 2015. Anyone wishing to help out should contact us on



You can join our summer rota, we can pair you up with another orchard friend and learn the ropes.

Later in the year we will be mulching the trees and in winter we give them their annual prune.

IMG_0755 IMG_0754-Edit

Dawn Chorus Walk


Spring Meeting

Our Friends’ meeting is Tuesday , 10th March, 2015.

That’s at 7.30 in the cafe.

The minutes from our December meeting are now in the Minutes and Reports section.

Further meetings this year should be:

9th June, 8th September and 8th December, 2015.


2015 Big Bird Watch

At note for your diary..Big Birdwatch event on Sunday 25 January from 10.30-12.30.



This is the weekend of the RSPB’s nationwide Big Garden Birdwatch and we treat Hilly Fields as our Big Garden. Our stall will be outside the Cafe as usual and we will offer activities for children as well as a guided bird spotting walk at 11.00 am.


Friends’ Meeting: 9th December, 2014 at 7.30 in the cafe.

Our friends’ meeting will be this Tuesday from 7.30 in the cafe, festive refreshments are planned.

All our welcome to join us, or you can email any suggestions to hillyfields4@googlemail.com

Our first event of the new year will be the Big Bird Watch, details to follow.


Following on from the interest in The Bats at Hilly Fields Fayre, here is a chance to see our very own (we hope).

Sussex Bat HospitalJenny Clark

sussex bat hospital

Nick Pond, ecologist will be offering his expertise on bat behaviour and ecology and we’ll have bat detectors to hand.

Questions and Answers

Every year for the BrocSoc Midsummer Fayre, we produce a Hilly Fields quiz. It’s a good old-fashioned paper and pen quiz which is completed at the Friends stall and tests your knowledge of our beautiful park.  This year, nearly fifty brave people had a go and although some of the questions were challenging, most of you did well. Four people got all ten questions right and they will share the prize which is vouchers to spend at the cafe.

If you missed the quiz but would like to test your knowledge, here are the ten questions. Just find a sheet of paper and pen and scribble down your answers, then scroll down beyond the photo to find our answers. Please note that this is purely for your entertainment and edification as it’s too late to win a prize!


Choose one from the possible answers given after each question.

1.  Which social reformer (with an appropriate surname) helped save Hilly Fields from building development in the 1890s?

Answer: a. Octavia Hill; b. Margaret McMillan; c. Emmeline Pankhurst

2.  How many stones are there in the Hilly Fields stone circle?

Answer: a. 8;  b. 10;  c12;  d.16

3.  Where in the park can you find a mural (or’frieze’) of Hilly Fields painted by Evelyn Dunbar in 1934?

Answer: a. In the cafe; b. In Prendergast College; c. In the children’s playground

4.  Who wrote and recorded the legendary retro-psychedelic song ‘Hilly Fields (1892)’ – partly a ‘tribute to Lewisham’s real life Hilly Fields park’?

Answer: a. Dick Dicely; b. Nick Nicely; c. Rick Ricely; d. Vic Vicely.

5. A new elm tree was planted in the park last year to commemorate an event which occurred in 2012. Was it?

Answer: a. The London Olympics; b. the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; c. UK coming 25th in the Eurovision Song Contest.

6. One of these birds nested in a hole in a Hilly Fields tree this spring. Was it?

Answer: a. Great Black-backed Gull; b. Great Spotted Woodpecker; c. Great Crested Grebe; d. Great Northern Diver.]

7. Which one of these sporting activities can you not do on Hilly Fields?

Answer: a. running; b. swimming; c. tennis; d. calisthenic workouts; e. table tennis.

8. Which one of these hills can you not see from Hilly Fields?

Answer: a. Blythe Hill; b. Richmond Hill; c. Shooter’s Hill; d. Sydenham Hill.

9. Which well-known author lived as a boy on Eastern Rd facing Hilly Fields?

Answer: a. Henry James; b. Henry Miller; c. O’Henry; d. Henry Williamson.

10.  Which animals used to graze on Hilly Fields in the good old days?

Answer: a. deer; b. sheep; c. kune-kune pigs; d. alpaca

P1040872 (800x600)


1.  Octavia Hill

2. 12 stones. It”s an analemmatic sundial and each stone represents an hour in the day.

3. In Prendergast College

4. All four names were ticked by somebody or other, but the correct answer is Nick Nicely and you can find his masterpiece here.

5. The Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

6. Great Spotted Woodpecker. The other three are aquatic birds and don’t nest in trees.

7. Swimming. Someone did suggest we should have a pond on Hilly Fields, but for ducks rather than humans.

8. Richmond Hill. Blythe Hill and Sydenham Hill can be seen to the south; Shooter’s Hill to the east.

9. Henry Williamson (see the plaque on the frontage of 21 Eastern Rd). The other Henrys spent their boyhoods somewhere in America.

10. Sheep.

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